Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One more thing

One more quick thing from today's earlier post: a key theme running through our analysis is the importance of empathizing with and respecting conservative points of view. As hard as it might be to stomach at times, understanding how conservatives see the world is critically important if we want to reach out to them. Nobody responds well to put downs and condescension. Conversely, empathy is vital if we want to help those with which we disagree see the light.

Mind you, we're not calling for greater civility, moderation, or bipartisanship in our political discourse. In fact, as we'll show, those buzzwords are often highly effective conservative talking points that we need to push back against. Rather, what is important is understanding why conservatives and many moderates behave the way they do. We need to find out why people who should vote for Democrats - people who support progressive positions on the environment, taxes, regulation, etc. - vote for Republicans. We then need to figure out ways to change this dynamic.

When polled on issue after issue, a majority of Americans support positions that align with the left wing of the Democratic Party. How, then, to explain Republican strength? Simple math indicates that a substantial part of the electorate are closeted progressives: people who support left wing positions but vote Republican. Winning these individuals over to our side - helping them "come out," so to speak - is key if we want to get more Democrats elected and shift our political discourse to the Left.

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